Video of Hussein playing Londonderry Air

I have finally got a video up, thanks to my dear friend Lilian Simonsson who produced it and my son Bahrun who was the sound engineer. The piece I am playing is an arrangement by Toru Takemitsu ( ) of the old Irish traditional, ‘Londonderry Air’. I am playing it in East Sussex in a place called Firle. It was very  enjoyable working with such highly skilled pro’s like Lilian and Bahrun on this project. I am now producing a video with one of my own compositions and hope to get an equally good response. Look out for it! Thank you all for your encouraging feedback. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Video of Hussein playing Londonderry Air

  1. m4cadmin says:

    I think your music is really lovely and you play the guitar with real skill. I also enjoyed watching the video.

    I shall look forward to hearing the pieces you have written for the guitar in due course. I also wish you all the very best with your musical venture.


  2. m4cadmin says:

    Thanks for sharing, Hussein, that’s beautiful. I had no idea of Takemitsu’s jazz chops!

    Congratulations on getting back to music making. Good news for all the rest of us.


  3. m4cadmin says:

    Thank you for giving Mélinda and I the possibility to hear 3 minutes of your music, we would love to hear some more when you make a CD.


  4. m4cadmin says:

    Your rendition of the Londonderry Air (which I knew as “Oh Danny boy” is beautiful, very touching. More, more!


  5. m4cadmin says:

    Just beautiful Hussein!
    Full of feeling and effortless technique.

  6. m4cadmin says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Both your music and the video were beautiful. I wish you every success with your new venture!


  7. m4cadmin says:

    The music is lovely. It made me cry! Thanks for sending the video.
    Keep in touch


  8. m4cadmin says:

    Many thanks for this – I am really delighted that you have been able to do this. It feels more balanced and if it helps to bring joy to yourself and others than that can only be a good thing.


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