Playing guitar at a wedding fair in East Sussex

event guitarist in sussex - hussein dickieThe new season has started and all the couples who have decided to get married are out there looking for ways to make their wedding day a special one.

For this reason various wedding event organisers put on shows where vendors can offer their services and meet their potential clients to discuss their ceremony, decoration, catering and entertainment. The largest one in Sussex was held recently in the AMEX community stadium in Falmer, East Sussex. This wedding fair attracts people from East Sussex, London and other parts or the UK.

wedding guitarist in sussexOf all the guitarists in Sussex I was the only one attending this show as an exhibitor, and I played my guitar all day. Many young people past, some stopped and listened, some loved the sound but were clearly not sure where to include my music.

For me it was interesting that it was mainly the parents of the young couples who came and listened, then asked some questions, and were intrigued by my offering to compose something for special events. They thought that this was a wonderful gift to give a partner for a wedding anniversary or some other meaningful occasion.

The wedding fair was a good experience and taught me a lot. The music I play is something people want listen to, and while it works well as background music and definitely creates ambience, it was the more mature people who love to listen to music for inspiration and recreation, who really appreciated the sound of my guitar. So I learned that my audience is those in their 40s and beyond who want a memorable experience that is off the beaten track of mainstream weddings – more an expression of their own journey.

Attending wedding fairs is an interesting experience and has helped me to learn more about the people I want to play for.

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